Do I have a virus, spyware or ransomware?

Signs that your computer has a virus can include:

  • Significantly reduced performance
  • Inability to run/launch programs
  • Difficulty in reaching certain webpages
  • Unwanted pop-ups including demands for money to repair your machine
  • Other unexpected behaviour or warnings

If any of the above sound familiar then you have probably been infected by a virus or some sort of malware. If not taken care of then you may run the risk of file corruption, data loss and even identity theft.

Our experienced engineers can remove viruses, malware and ransomware to enable your machine to perform at the best of its ability without affecting your sensitive data.

Due to the complex nature of some infections we would charge our engineering time by the hour. If it is deemed that the repair is not cost effective we can recover your user tree (if available) and reinstall a fresh operating system